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When it comes to buying a drone, whether high-end or low-budget, you need to consider several factors.

The reason is you need to buy a drone that will suit your needs, for example, aerial video shooting, racing or aerial acrobatics. Many drones are being released to the market, which means you should look out for the latest models.

typhoon drone

Among the factors to consider is the ease of finding replacement parts, quality of the material and the battery life. One excellent brand you should consider buying is the YUNEEC TYPHOON H WITH INTEL (REALSENSE) TECHNOLOGY drone. This review looks at the features of the Typhoon H in detail, their benefits, and finally delivers its conclusion.

Features and Benefits

Intel (RealSense) Technology

The Typhoon H makes a 3D model of the surroundings that you’re flying it, resulting in it navigating the place successfully. It creates routes around obstacles using, meaning that it prevents possible collisions.typhoon-4k-overview

ST16 All-In-One Controller

Some models require you to have a separate tablet or phone for control purposes. The Typhoon H doesn’t need you to have these devices. That’s because it comes with the ST16 all-in-one controller, extra battery, extra pops, backpack, Wizard and an integrated Android touch screen 7-inch.


You want drones that are easy to fly. The Typhoon H provides you with 8 flight modes that include curved cable, journey, orbit, point of interest and much more. Another feature that makes it easy to maneuver is the flight control, which is GPS stabilized and ensures it maintains its position. With a push of a button, your drone can take off while the auto landing makes sure that it returns home safely.


The ultrasonic proximity detection feature prevents the Typhoon from hitting obstacles while the 6 rotor safety and 5 rotor failsafe ensures that your drone stays in the air, even if its motor fails. The result is you get the best value for your money.


The Typhoon H comes with anti-vibration Gimbal (360-degree) and brand new CGO3+ camera which enable you to come up with breathtaking 4K videos along with excellent image quality. The landing gear of this drone is among the best since it can remove itself from shots, which means you get unobstructed views. Using the team mode, you can fly the drone while your colleague films and captures the best shots.


  • The built-in collision avoidance ensures you enjoy flying the Typhoon H. For instance; this drone successfully navigates around obstacles.
  • It comes with an all-one-controller and extra battery, which means that you find it easier to control it while enjoying extended flying hours.
  • The Typhoon H provides you with the opportunity to get stunning videos and excellent image quality.
  • You don’t require experience to fly it. The auto takeoff, auto land and automatic return home capabilities along with stabilized flight control GPS ensure your drones are safe.
  • The Typhoon H remembers its environment, which prevents chances of collisions. It means that your drone will last longer.



5 Factors to Consider When Buying a Drone


Check Quality

When buying drones, make sure you check the quality of their material. For example, you want your drone to last longer, which means you don’t want to buy one that will break after its first crash.

Replacement Parts Availability


Ensure you ask the ease of finding their replacement parts. Most of them are available at online shops, which mean you should get motors, batteries, landing gears and controllers easily.

Check Accessories


It’s crucial that you purchase a drone with an extra battery, for example, the Typhoon H. it will ensure that you can change batteries between flights. Remember high-end models such as the Typhoon offer you flight time that lasts 15-25 minutes.

Buy A Drone That Meets Your Needs!

Your needs should be the guiding factor when buying them. The market has brands for aerial acrobatics, racing, photography, and videography, meaning you should identify your needs.

Get Informed

Read online reviws of the latest models to ensure you find trustworthy information. It will make sure you buy those with features that suit your needs.


The cost of these devices varies, the reason being that they come with different features and materials. It means you should check your budget estimates and needs before purchasing them. High-end models such as the Typhoon H provide you with the best features and are durable. On the other hand, low-cost models come with fewer features and break quickly, resulting in them failing to function.


The YUNEEC TYPHOON H WITH INTEL (REALSENSE) TECHNOLOGY is one drone with features that will serve you well. It remembers its environment, which means that possible collisions are prevented. The extra battery ensures you enjoy extended flight moments, the result being stunning videos with excellent image quality. If you were searching for the best drones to buy, you should consider this model.

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