The Best Drones Reviews: DJI (PHANTOM) 2 (QUADCOPTER)

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The best drones enable you to capture aerial videos, for example, when carrying out racing or sports activities. However, you need to consider several factors when buying drones. For instance, you need to check the camera type and the range that you can control the drone. Other factors to know are the battery type and replacement options. Make sure you choose a model that allows for easy replacement, the reason being your device may get damaged, or the batteries may lose their ability to charge.

One excellent brand that you should buy is the DJI (PHANTOM) 2 (QUADCOPTER). It offers you longer flight times and comes with an intelligent battery. This drone enables you to take the best aerial videos fast. This DJI PHANTOM 2 (QUADCOPTER) review looks at the features and benefits of this drone in detail and finally delivers its verdict.

Features and Benefits


One reason that makes this the DJI (Phantom) 2 to be among the best drones is its Gimbal. It ensures you enjoy camera stability, which results in you capturing smooth videos. You need excellent videos, which mean you should buy this drone.

Can Fly 25-28 Minutes from a Single Charge

The included lithium polymer battery enables you to fly your drone for 25-28 minutes from a single charge. The battery is easily removable, has the best circuitry and has a built-in charge indicator.


The propellers ensure that your device is safe. You don’t have to worry about lost propeller nuts as you remove the propellers for storage. Remember that not many devices will offer you this feature.

Ready In Minutes

It’s crucial that buy a drone which is easy to set up. The DJI (Phantom) 2 is pre-tuned by its manufacturer, which means that it’s ready for use within minutes. You only need to charge the battery, attach the drone’s propellers. You should then add the 4 AA BATTERIES to its remote. Your device will be ready for flying, meaning that you’ll be getting smooth and excellent videos.


GoPro will record the action, meaning that you’ll get to see all the moments that come with drone video shooting. Keep in mind that not many drones come with this feature.


  • The DJI (PHANTOM) 2 (QUADCOPTER) comes with propellers which ensure that your device is safe. If you were searching for the best drones to buy, you should choose this model.
  • The intelligent battery provides you with up to 28 minutes of flying time. Remember that you want to shoot aerial videos for extended periods, which this device ensures you get.
  • This device assembles easily, meaning you will make quality aerial videos fast. Some models may give you a hard time when joining; the result is that you have trouble getting the best aerial videos. However, within minutes, you’ll be shooting videos if you choose this brand.
  • The battery is easily removable, which means that you’ll find it easier to change the battery. The built-in charge indicator ensures that you know the remaining battery percentage.
  • The 3-axis Gimbal ensures that you enjoy the three dimensions of drone flight. The result is you enjoy the experience while producing quality videos.

3 Things to Consider When Buying Drones

Make sure you check the flight time of the drone you’re buying. That’s because different drones offer varying flight time. The best models such as the DJI (Phantom) 2 provide you with up to 28 minutes of flight time, which means you get the best value for your money.

Check the battery type since you want one that lasts long. It should be easy to replace, since you may want to change it between flights.

It’s vital that you read online reviews of drones. That’s because you need to compare the various features that come with drones. The result is that you’ll get the best deals in the market.


The DJI (PHANTOM) 2 (QUADCOPTER) is among the best drones you can find in the market. This device comes with several fantastic features that include the lithium polymer battery and propellers. By choosing to buy this model, what you’ll be getting are breathtaking aerial videos, meaning you check out this device. Remember to read drone reviews to ensure you get the best deals.

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