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It’s on record that drones have actually become a huge part of our everyday lives.

Best Drones For BeginnerImportantly, drones are basically one of the most talked about tech trend that has taken the recent world onto ransom. When they first came into the market, they were very pricey and specifically designed for experienced pilots, however, nowadays they are affordable and usable by almost everyone. Some of the major uses of drones in the current world include videography, commercial aerial surveillance, include remote sensing, commercial and motion picture filmmaking, disaster relief and many more. On that note, in the following discussion, we are going to look at the best drones for beginners 2018.


If you are looking for a top-end performer and an ever easy to fly drone, the Holy Stone F181 is what you need to go for. The drone is one of the best when it comes to beginners. Holy Stone F181 comes with a solid physical controller that looks like a gamepad and sleek design. The drone is relatively cheap with regard to its abundance of features and actually cost around $100.


Holy Stone F181 is equipped with an HD camera, one key return, headless mode, one key 360 flips and can be able to hold any altitude. Its altitude hold feature and one key return are usually powered by GPS. The drone has very high performance since it can be able to take occasional videos and very solid pictures. Crucially, the Holy Stone F181 is able to fly up to 100meters and can fly up for up to 9 minutes.


The Udi U818A Plus is one of the best options when it to drones for beginners. Moreover, the Udi U818A Plus is the best drone for indoor flights. The drone is very popular during rainy days and winter mainly because of its design of a protective design. The Udi U818A Plus is not popular but also looks good and cool. Its sexy look is brought about by the one pair of the white blades and one pair of black blades that are normally surrounded by an inbuilt pop guards.


Has an HD camera that is capable of shooting decent videos and photos from its 6-axis gyro stabilizer, return to home functions and headless mode which have really made it popular in the current market. The drone is capable of flying up to 100 meters and importantly it can stay on the air for up to 9 minutes. If you have an additional battery, the drone can go up to 20 minutes. Nevertheless, the drone is particularly designed for beginners and might disappoint most of the experienced pilots.


One of the best beginners’ drones with a great firepower. The blade Nano RTF works on 1S batteries and importantly has a sports small and brushed motors. The drone is lightweight and allows high speeds. The Blade Nano drone is an excellent choice for beginners and even for beginners who have a tendency of FPV racing.


The Blade Nano drone can go up to 7 minutes with respect to its 1S LiPo 150mAh 25C battery. The drone goes up to 15-20 meters which is relatively too low, equipped with tiny cameras that provide a thrilling FPV experience. The Blade Nano RTF drone is a beginner-friendly drone that is aimed at teaching you the basics of flying.


The Hubsan name is generally an upcoming name in the drone industry that refers to a drone that is easy to fly. The H107D model of the Hubsan is well-known for its terrific speed. The drone is highly manoeuvrable and importantly a crucial tool for learning FPV racing basics. In a nutshell, it’s an excellent option for starters.


A highly performing starters’ drone with a crash-resistant frame and runs of brushed motors. The drone can reach up to 50meters and importantly stay on the air for about 7 minutes. The Hubsan does not have a high-quality camera but rather a 480p camera which can take an average looking video and photos. It works with a 5.8GHZ connection which actually more superior than Wi-Fi.


The above-discussed drones are undoubtedly the best for any starter. The drones will help you learn the basics of FPV racing and even flying. Additionally, drones are easy to use and can give a good experience when it comes to flying.

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