6 Axis Gyro Rc Drone Quadcopter With Camera

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Are you looking for the best drone for photography or aerial surveillance? Well, then you should consider buying a 6 axis gyro RC drone quadcopter with camera. You can fly these in all directions and they are able to stabilize themselves even in windy or imperfect flying conditions. That makes them ideal for shooting still images or shooting videos for special occasions where you don’t get a chance to do it for the second time.


YKS Explorers 6 Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter Drone UFO, HD Cameras (White)

The YKS Explorers 6 Axis Gyro is a remote control drone that features a high definition camera, which assures you of a perfect shooting experience. It uses a 2.4 GHz frequency, which offers sufficient bandwidth, and uses a spread spectrum technology to minimize interference with other drone. Furthermore, the use of that frequency ensures that you can fly it up to a radius of 50 meters without losing control.

It features a 3D rolling mode controlled with just one 360 degrees roll key. It therefore offers you a perfect rolling performance, which is ideal for maneuvering around a shooting scene and avoiding collisions with walls or other obstacles.

The blades are protected with a blade protector, which offers additional protection during flight and in case of a fall. They are elastic, which works when in absorbing collision shocks, and preventing wear and tear on the blades.

It’s capable of flying for 7 minutes, and it’s powered by a 3.7V and 500Mah Li-poly battery, which takes about 100 minutes to charge using its USB cable. We recommend charging from the mains socket for faster charging experience.


Holy Stone HS180 RC Quadcopter Headless Helicopter

The Holy Stone HS180 RC drones allows you to fly with little footprint, while still being able to take HD video shoots and photos. It’s small body and flexible blades allow you to transport it with ease, and it provides you with the best indoor and outdoor flying experience. Furthermore, its controller has phone holder for you phone, giving you total control on how you fly and work.

You will be happy to know that it 4K FPV Live Video HD Camera takes both aerial photos and videos, which are then listed in the mobile album system as well as the apps.

Furthermore, you can fly this drone using the altitude control function, which lets the drone to fly at a particular height and hover there for a while. You can then be able to shoot high quality video hands-free as soon as you let go the throttle.

It can roll in a 3D flip in any direction along all the 6 axis, and you make it do it by pressing just one button. That makes it great for entertaining kids and taking photos in the wild or of birds’ nests. Most important, the drone is able to fly in one direction back to where you are if you press the One Key Return Home.


Virhuck GB202 Nano Drone

The pocket-sized Virhuck GB202 Nano Drone weighs only 12 grams, and is powered by four propellers that give it a perfect flight in all the 6 axis. It is designed to last and we recommend it for beginners. It is the size of your palm if you are an adult, and you can easily carry it in your backpack.

The propellers are protected with a with a flexible material all round, which ensures that the drone is well protected to severe impacts with obstacle and when it falls, the protective material breaks the fall to prevent damage to the camera.

The 2.4 GHz technology allows you to fly anywhere without causing interference to licensed frequency operators. Flying it is easy right from day one, you have the option to fly it middle-low speed, do flips, and trims, and fly a 360 degrees flight to create excitement.

It’s simply the best drone for buying your kids a s a present, it allows them to develop the right and left brain buy pressing the right and left throttle simultaneously.


Drones can be fun to fly and they give you an opportunity to make money if you chose the very best. In this review, we looked at two drones that you fly as a hobby as well as use for shooting short commercial videos, and we looked at one that you can use to teach your kids to fly drone and behave responsibly. We hope that you found this review of the best 6 axis gyro RC drone quadcopter with camera to be informative and fun.

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